Copper and Cross is a handmade home wares initiative launched in Byron Bay in 2015.
We are obsessed with creating using our human hands because we love the integrity and quality that is unique to homemade products. 
Our design aesthetic focuses on textures, tradition, culture and quality.
Think bohemian/modern/tribal.

Mohemical? Bodernical?





Copper and Cross was borne when our Director and Weaver, Laksmi set out to make a plant hanging, had a nostalgic moment with her eight-year-old self (aka paddle pop sticks and yarn) and came out with a woven cross.
She was hooked. Addicted to the actualisation of products, the stories you could feel in them, manifested through quality craftsmanship.
Copper and Cross has grown around the original cross prototype, along with a bevy of other products – including the first ever modern luxury candle hand-poured and served in sealed tin cans, and our ever popular Chunga Rounds.

Each of our products are painstakingly and lovingly worked on by Laksmi in the hinterlands of Byron Bay.





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