The "Must Have" Round Up: Top 10 Homewares This Year

Posted on December 05 2017

1. The Jungalow Lake + Cherry Fringed Vase $52

It's $52USD which is probably like $3900AUD but who cares right? This thing is bananas. It's like an ocean with vagina's coming out of it.

At first I thought it came with this bottle in it.

And I wondered why they had ruined the best thing i've ever seen but thankfully that was just someones weird plan to appeal to peeps who want a wine bottle cosy for when you're necking it. 

It actually looks bullshit with a bunch o' foliage like this. I don't suppose this lake + cherry fringe vagina ocean is very good at enclosing actual water so probably just put a bunch o' dead in there instead.


2. Kip & Co Plantation Tassel Throw $269

Put tassels on it. Put them on everything. Yes this is, in essence, a giant rectangle with curtain tie-backs hanging off it. And yes, they're actually really bloody heavy. You can't like cutesely wrap yourself in this and pad to the kitchen barefoot. But goodness gracious do the textures look messed up good on the couch. Kip & Co combine colours that make me feel sick. I want it SO bad I feel like I could throw up. I would do anything for it. Trample someone. 

This is their "plantation" colour (plantation is not a happy word am I wrong?) and it's one of their newer releases. I get they had to do some solid colour ones. Can't just keep feeding us peaches with mustard forever. Of the solids, this is my favourite.

3. Ivy Muse Elevate Arch $490

Ok. I can't afford this and neither can you. But if this helps, they're made here in Australia. So if you can convince your friends to all chip in and you have like 30 friends than you can have the most delicate metal contraption in your house and not feel bad - coz made in oz. Ivy Muse are plant masters. They're actually making plants these days I think. 

If 30 of my friends are reading this get me the one in powder black.

4. Copper and Cross Chunga Round $99

You know how you always look at your dinner and it's delicious and you eat it. And then you just have this moment of looking at your plate being like "Holy shit. Plates are art". 

We get you! You can't eat off this one. It would get dirty. But it is covered in crazy amazing, irregular little patterns and they're handwoven and naturally dyed and tell a story about the person who wove them's life or landscape or latest bowel movement or something AND we added a tassel to it. Tassels are heaven!!! 

This one in Crosses is our current favourite.

And this one comes with plants so that's amazing.

5. Pop & Scott Dreamer Couch $3,930

I don't know guys. I don't know why we do it to ourselves. We all know. Like... stuff isn't happiness... la la la... Nature is the happy... Do stuff with people... Ground your feet... Laugh. Dirt. Hands. 

FOR SOME REASON THOUGH A Velvet Couch comes squirming out. The most gorgeous beast you've ever seen. It could be your house family. It could be your pet. YOU COULD MAKE BETTER MEMORIES with this in your house. I know you could. I could. I'd be a better person. Undoubtedly.

Gold or Rose Pink? Idk. I want to eat them both.


6. Sit Still Lauren Mug $45.50

How did she know to DO this? It's dripping but it's NOT WET. Dripping. Not wet.

It's the most satisfying thing ever. Homewares should be satisfying exactly like this. You look at this and you actually feel excited. Like you've managed to see something in freeze frame for longer than you should have, and no matter what you can see it forever. You won't touch that big glob and find malleability. It's never gonna drip down. 

Plus Lauren is a cool person. She says vulnerable things about herself and her business all the time and STILL her shit is constantly sold out!! Who knew people like honesty?!

7. In Bed Store 100% Linen Sheet Set in Oat $140 + $200 + $85 (you have to buy all the pieces separately. You can save up for them one at a time. Friendly). 

I don't own any linen from here.

The linen I own I worked for (like took pictures of their linen for them and then they gave their linen to me as a thank you). 

I am forever obsessed with In Bed Store's colour range though. The set of linen sheets and duvet cover that I do own, I can swear, as embarrassing as this is, that it literally gives me so much happiness that I have talked to it before. I think the linen selection in these pics are called clay, dirt and tobacco or something. Earthy. Old man. Very nice.

8. Closely Knit Pom Pom Cushion $89.95

Another round thing hey. Couple of dangly bits on a round thing? Whatever, guys, sign me up EVERY TIME. It's satisfying. Round shape on square shape. (Cushion on bed). Round shape on rectangle shape. (Cushion on couch). I've never "studied" design but i'm guessing that sums it up. 

Apart from shapes, i'd say colour and texture are a little bit involved in the design equation. I would go with mustard if I had to choose. The pom poms look like a gorgeous halo. How perfect is that going to look with your head!!

9. Tigmi Trading Boujad $2,300

I think Boujad is a Moroccan word. It probably means "bullshit". Like wtf is this bullshit looking rectangle. You gotta get yourself a bullshit guys. You could also get a Boucherouite or a Beni Ourain if you wanted. More moroccan words probably meaning, "butchered" (it's kind of a scrambly rug - have a google) and "boho aura" (can you say you are free-spirited if you don't have a fluffy white rug with zig zags? I don't think soo.). 

I personally own a bullshit. It does slip around a bit, i'll admit that ( a popular phrase in our house is "don't joojsh the rug") but I really don't care. Also, what I'm about to say makes me sound cool. Are you ready?

"I bought it before they were trendy". I swear I did guys! 

Weirdly, It's actually ok to buy things before, with, or after other people! 

AND Some things are trendy for a reason! I would buy it again. Again. Again. (I would buy that pink toned middle one actually). Irregular pattern on a textured rug is never going to not look ridiculously good! If I could, i'd drape bullshits, butchereds and boho auras all over my house.

10. Jujujust Wall Hanging $540.83 - $1,707

Dear Lord. Just stick a fork in me guys. I'm DONE. Handwoven by Judit herself, you can find these only on her Etsy store. They come in a range of colours and patterns. Personally I like the clashy pink toned ones best. Personally I wish they also came in cushion form but then again who would spend that on a comfy place to rest your head? A melting colour pot to rub your whole face on? That would be crazy. $500 + purchases belong on the wall. Duh.

These textures are OUT OF CONTROL Judit. I literally have feelings for this wall hanging. I want to be around it. I want to have tea with it. I want it to slyly smile at me when I look up at it bashfully in the morning. You're the real deal my friend.

These items were numbered in no particular order. You're all my favourites.  


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  • Sophie : December 05, 2017

    This is the best article written on homewares. Ever.

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