Jungalow Style

Posted on July 01 2017

The art of Jungalow Style! It's pretty simple really - throw, hang, drape plants from every free surface and ceiling you can find! Jungalow Style = more is more! 


Hang unusual shaped, draping plants in light filled spaces to create the most magical effect!


Wall Baskets compliment those leafy greens perfectly. Our Set of Giant Rattan Wall Baskets make for an EPIC feature piece.



Our latest collection is all about plant decor! A hardy succulent in a bright plant hanger for a pop of colour in a white corner is all you need!




For a more modern take on Jungalow Style keep it zen with natural tones, black and white and some cane! 

Everything featured in the pictures in this blog post can be purchased via our shop link! Or just click here!

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