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Posted on February 21 2018

Ever wondered what kind of work goes into our collaboration crosses with Hello Tangle

We put together this beautiful slideshow of the weaving process.

All of our crosses are handmade by the owner of Copper and Cross, Laksmi in Byron Bay and the girls at Hello Tangle in Melbourne. 

Each cross is laboured over for hours and no two crosses will ever be alike. 

We don't follow a set formula, more the crosses evolve as they are being worked on. It takes constant focus in making sure every decision will benefit the whole piece.

Gods Eye's are a traditional art first known to have been championed by the Huichol people, and known as "Ojo De Dios". The eye's are thought to be a portal in which a person can receive protection and insight, offering guidance in things which a person cannot see with their own eyes.

Our love of their traditional importance propelled us to make these decadent, insane God's Eye crosses. A wish to marry the traditional form with a modern aesthetic.

We absolutely love watching them come together. It can take many hours and we work on them for days at a time, making sure to perfect each art piece! 

A mixture of embroidered beads, weaving and dramatic feathers bring each cross together, forming a textured balance of structure and softness.

You can order your own through our website where we have 4 different tone options. You may specify as much or as little as you like or you can leave it completely up to us!

They bring so much life and character to your home, a wow factor screaming personality from the walls! We strongly believe the love in handmade products gives handmade products a quality that is second to none, an object full of life and story!

To order your own click here or if you have any questions don't hesitate to email us at

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