Bath Time in the Hills - Flower Bath

Posted on October 10 2016

There is nothing, NOTHING quite as soul salving as the rolling green Byron Bay hinterlands, the breeze on your face, rain filled space and soaking, outdoors, in a warm, flower filled bath, surrounded by pure soy candles ...  

For this one we used Epsom Salt, dried Lavender, Flower Tops and burned our Pear + Freesia 100% soy (tin can)dle.

Our (tin can)dles are hand poured here in our studio home. We use 100% eco soy wax for the cleanest, healthiest, longest burn. 

Major issue though. How to get the nerve to pull the plug?! (In fact, we didn't. Left it overnight, refilled with hot water and my 3yo had the time of his flower filled, silky skinned life).

For our next pink inspired flower bath we had to try a milk bath. We used fresh flowers, coconut milk (coz cows), burned our 100% soy (tin can)dles and splashed around a mix of bath salts from A Few Favourite Things. 

We burned two different scents. Our Vanilla Bean 100% soy (tin can)dle and our Cherry Blossom 100% soy (tin can)dle.

There was a very curious little calf just behind the tank who steadfastly took in the view of us while we took in the view of him :)

Next up - a moody blue and purple bath! (And walling in that bath!)


For this one we used a myriad of blue and purple tone flowers including hydrangeas and bougainvillaea. (we didn't get around to walling the bath yet). 

We burnt our newest candle family member - Pear + Champagne, which was a crispy delight and went perfectly with our Frank body scrub.

Finally we added our favourite bath salts from A Few Favourite Things!

Cash me ousside.
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