My week with #7Vignettes

Posted on August 07 2015

My week with the August edition of #7Vignettes.

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My business has definitely changed my relationship with Instagram and is rapidly changing my relationship with photography and "style" <-- always a weird word. I guess I mean I used to be overtly aware of how influenced by trends I was and now (though I'm SURE it's still there) I feel like i'm getting better at finding what I like, at trusting myself.

So this week I fell down the Insta rabbit hole and found myself looking at the above picture. A challenge. 7 days. 7 pictures. Why not? I did not realise that what ensued would consist of strange banana pictures, flower thieving, discomfort, absorption, 563 pictures on my phone and waking up sitting up in bed holding out my hands for special cutlery.

Day 1. Workspace

The night before I posted my first picture I had a harmless little look at previous entrants page. You know how it goes. One picture, 68 pictures, 3 hours, blah blah. Now this was my first night's sleep but not an anomaly. Every night the coming week involved instagram vignette dreams. Getting a tip that the guy down the road knew a secret method and roping him into helping me take pictures, being jammed in a doorway against a table while I edited the same picture over and over. Fun dreams. The precursor though. Dreamt the previous winner came into my room and was giving me a special small set of cutlery that I was to include in all of my pictures. I literally woke up sitting up arm outstretched. I was pissed too. In my wakened state shaking my arm out again, like c'mon, hand them over! I stared into the darkness. Where the hell did she go??  

I was super happy to be featured by Jen on Interior's Addict IG the first day with @misskkkkkkkkkkkk, @sarahshanahan_lifestyle and @theinteriorhub.

Half the reason I did this blog is because I wanted a place to put the seconds pictures. Workspace seconds below. It's a cruel world.

Day 2. Stationary

This was a weird one and I am extremely grateful to my brain that I was able to unlatch from my initial idea. As soon as I heard stationary it was like all I heard was romance, or maybe better still heartbreak. But not in a sophisticated way either. In a teenage angsty way. I had a handwritten poem, old postcards, secret signs. Even my foot at one point, all in the shot. It was a bad time. I am probably not too proud to show you but they definitely did not make the seconds pile and were definitely deleted. Shuddery deletion.

Day 3. Organise

No great hurdles this day. I had one idea and this was it. Well before this I actually had a much vaster colour wheel going. And, like all home photo shoots when it's just you with your solo brain that easily loses sight of the bigger picture things were included that had no good reason to. I need orange things! Cool yep, I'll put these mandarins here and drip cumquat juice there and what else do I have orange? A towel. Cool. Orange towel looks nice. Texture and stuff hey. Oh fully, while i'm in the bathroom, this packet of white sticks would look really WHITE in the white section. So the colour wheel was critically maimed. You can't even imagine the things I added. Still though, still after all the culling, rando garlic stayed.

Day 4. On the Go

You will notice that this is my last good picture. The following are good enough. But this is the last of the GOOD. Like all things creativity fizzles. You know when you've got it. It actually gives me an adrenaline rush. When I'm in the midst of a good set my mind is 99% engaged, fully enthralled and fully excited. The other 1% of it is thinking what I would do if someone (read 2yo) interrupted me. What could I throw at him? Like literally throw. Stop him in his tracks. Mind rushing so fast and trying to swiftly sift information - I should get, I tell myself, a huge soft wrapped present. I really should just have one lying around and when I need to I can throw it at my 2yo. He might be sad but it will be a present too and he can unwrap it. So great.

Super stoked to be featured again on Interior's with @redagape_styleanddesign, @femmephotale and @rarepearstudio! 

Yep. Banana. 

Day 5. Inspired

I don't know how much to blame inflamed, failing, festered tonsils and 39.5 degree temperatures for why I peaked at the start of the week, but either way I personally love this set a lot. Cause baby. My baby. Being smart and sweet and beautifully and funnily inspiring. "I'm doing really hard work", "building a circle mummy", "oh, that's nice, that nice" as he dropped each pom pom.

Day 6. Vagina 


Jk. Day 6 was Learning. This was one of those things where the idea entered my head and I was just kind of no hope after that. I had lots of lovely image ideas but it was always ooooooh but the vagina idea. I like that one. That's got something going for it.

I don't know anymore. I've looked at it too many times with old eyes. I do feel a lot of love for the people that got it. Redagape, raw, cookel, LL, clicks, sar, styled, minto, you guys.

Day 7. Light

I don't know man. I had an L. Fairy lights. Bulb looking things. I didn't want to be so literal but it happened. I felt pretty lost by this point. You can see how many scenes I tried. You can imagine how my house looked after. I don't know if you can. Feathers, pom poms, flowers, tables in doorways, thread, vases, plants, cellophane. A withering child bleating in the corner, "mama. water mama. when you can mama". JK JK JK JK! Jk forevs. He get lots of water. I gave him a box full of styrofoam chips and told him to make snow. He had a really, really good time. One of those good times where it's very upsetting when your snow cities and mountains are cleaned up. 

So. That's it. Back to just talking product shots instead of trying to sneak products into themes. Until next time.


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