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Posted on July 19 2015

I recently sat down and answered some questions for the kind-hearted, brilliant-eyed interior stylist Emma Flint from Raw Styling. The following is an excerpt but you can read the full interview HERE



Tell us a little about your background?


Before starting Copper and Cross my main interest (and torment) was creative writing. It’s all I had ever imagined doing vocationally but strangely, directly alongside my sense of fulfillment and purpose was a wearying feeling of guilt and pressure – the unfinished stories, the juggle between inhabiting the physical world and the intangible/storyteller world, especially as a mother – led me to pursue a more physically creative outlet (which I had no idea I was capable of!).

I had actually set out to make a plant hanging but on a whim and a whimsy I got out some paddle pop sticks (yep, the prototype!) and made a “God’s Eye”. The cross shape grew around it, as did everything else.



Where did the name Copper and Cross originate from?


The name (my name) “Laksmi” was suggested to me by a few and was the frontrunner for a while. Technically I could see the appeal but it was a bit cringe for me. Growing up in the hippy place, with the hippy name, the hippy parents, on the hippy commune has been a strange beast. Without going into detail, certain practices done in the name of spirituality had caused me to have a difficult relationship with it all.

I try to strive for genuineness in all aspects of my life. I pour love into my products. I pour good intention. I honour the tradition of the product I make. But I didn’t feel comfortable ascribing my name, my background to the brand.

In the end, I was forced to suddenly decide and it just came out. I make crosses. I use copper. I liked the C alliteration. Great.


Do you have a favourite product you enjoy making?


I have a new favourite every week! It usually depends on what orders I’ve just had – it’s always satisfying to rotate through a range of styles. I LOVE when I start to see the patterns become a whole. It’s still a shock every time – oh, that worked again! And adorning …. Feathers, copper, pom poms – that’s a lot of fun.


 Have you always been creative?


I mentioned already I was very invested in creative writing but was positive I lacked a visually creative capability. The first thing I set out to make with my hands (about a year ago) was a pallet coffee table. I figured that it WAS possible to learn the skills required. I was determined. I’m a tiny woman – look more like a small child, but I trawled the Industrial neighborhood, dragged pallets home, sanded, borrowed my step-dads drill, stained, got glass cut and I made the exact table I’d set out to make. I think that experience made me fall in love with creating, with seeing something tangibly come together.


What have been the highlights of Copper and Cross so far?


There are highlights that have been a success for the business and highlights that have been a success for me personally. Anytime there is any feedback on our products – that’s a highlight. It’s an honour every time somebody chooses our products; to have them beautify their house with it, to make people happy and feel that resonance.

To have people love what you love to do is an expanding, humbling experience.

It’s a very vulnerable-making venture – putting your passion and labour on display, you really have to get over yourself, but making yourself vulnerable (and I felt this magnified when becoming a mother) is like some kind of gateway to feeling connected to the world. It floods in.

We are still so new so the milestones for us may not seem like much to others but it was a great first high to be featured on Interiors Addict’s fab 4, and a hugely validating experience to have our first stockist reach out to us (will be revealed soon!). Also, to have businesses behind us like Spell and GLOTATTS is 100.



Keep reading to find out more about Copper and Cross's unprecedented start, the psychic that predicted it all and why all of my childhood pets had neanderthal names... READ MORE.


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  • Paola: July 20, 2015

    Beautiful work from a beautiful soul

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