Five of the Realest Interiors Blogs

Posted on July 14 2015

Some places on the web are worth more of your time than others. Here are some of my current hangouts - for inspiration, information and connection. 

The Interiors Addict

This website is an interiors volcano erupting on the regular. Four times a day in fact. Jen Bishop - the flesh and blood addict, offers not only her passion for decor and home wares but provides current interiors news, interviews and bargains. What I love maybe most about her? No design qualifications! Never doubt your passion or the fruits of the scrappy hustle.

The Life Creative

A blog by Chris Carroll - I love how interactive a space he has created. You can feel the honesty, his blogs are fun and it always feels very inclusive. I can't stand a blog where I feel left out! He was (< i'm assuming it's was by now) a "boy on a budget", so he gets it. He's not going to make you feel like a small ant dying to grow up and lick a table leg one day. He gives DIY tips, encourages fun and promotes imagination.

Bohemian Collective

I can be into a site, cool photos or whatever, but the real inspiration comes when there is some kind of resonance or admiration for the person behind it. That's the real drawcard for me here - Laura Mazurek. Her attitude towards, well, everything, but in particular her promotion of artisans is refreshing. She has a love for the handmade community, for a bohemian lifestyle and for an atmosphere of encouragement and support. Her offering borne from this ethos is her lookbooks - she is able to promote the artisans she believes in but keeps an organic, artistic approach.

From Moon to Moon

Eclectic and bohemian interior design blog, run and exclusively blogged by U.K woman, Gabi. An abundance of VERY bohemian decor - sections for bedroom, bathroom, kitchen e.t.c. Once again though, good human Gabi keeping pretension out of home wares with her preference for individual artisans and her refusal to budge from the basic blogger template. Transparency. It's excellent.

Raw Styling

You can view Emma's website here but do yourself a favour (or not, if you like time) and go and swim all around her Instagram page. Just flop all around in there, immerse yourself in those pictures and scrub your brain with some. She likes raw. simple. quality. natural. The whole page is a smorgasbord of texture-rich vignettes and bespoke, unique decor. And, you guessed it. Sincerity. Authenticity. Realness. Dare I say ... sweetness?

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