Mexico in Paradise

Posted on July 07 2015

First of all, I can't talk about a Mexican restaurant interior without paying homage to the ultimate. There is no Mexican decor done quite as strikingly, overpoweringly well as Motel Mexicola in Seminyak, Bali. It's an all-encompassing, intricate handicraft heaven - few tequila's down or not.

Up there with the best, and luckily for me closer to home, is Miss Margarita, Byron Bay. Our little Mexico in paradise, providing a reprieve from the mecca of - often - spiritual elitism.

From the tiles, to the shadow boxes, to the hastily hung wall art it's a cluster clash of florals, monochrome patterns, religious figures, sugar skulls, weird old tins, crappy (I mean that lovingly) fake flowers, and of course, Frieda Kahlo.


I was rash to list. Let's go back to one thing. The tiles. Oh, the tiles. Hand painted by Jai Vasicek from Ahoy Trader they make one want to trade in their neutral wares and beg for colour. I could stare at them for days. Be inspired for weeks.

It's that hasty wall though, the strung jutting home wares that get me. The non-mechanised, handcrafted vibe. It feels like the first time I watched Death Proof. Like watching her dance in the bar to The Coasters. It makes your heart race- a soul satisfaction of juxtaposition. Old and new, crumbling and colour, dream and reality. 

The spoils of Mexican craftspeople, of century-old traditions and designs will always inspire me. It delivers a richness of culture and tradition, quenching a part of me largely undernourished. Looking at that wall makes me feel GOOD. It's simply cool. The superstitious vibe adds the crucial layer, the reason to seek decor that makes you FEEL  - it's that which supplies the sense of story.

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