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Posted on June 05 2016

"All girls love fairy lights"! my (male) friend declared with bewilderment once as he watched me casually string a few hundred metres across the bedroom and around some mirrors. Wrap myself in them, a few on the dog, some around my toast. It's true. We do. WHAT IS NOT TO LOVE, friend. They SPARKLE. Things that sparkle are MAGICAL. I'm the kind of girl who will put on the fairy lights for no one. I'll light candles, a lantern, just bask in that sparkling, candlelit glow all by myself. Fairy lights are a good mood. I mean, it's the light from fairy wings! And I want to be in a good mood a lot. Here are some favourite fairy lit bedrooms for inspiration.

I'm saying if you curled up here it's possible you'd leave a butterfly.

Image source: unknown

Um, do you see what the fairies are doing here? Suspending a plant hanger in pieces in the air. K. Decent trick.

Image source: In Honor of Design


White, white, fairy lights.

Image source: unknown

Technically not fairy lights. Same effect. Big ball fairies.

Image source: unknown

Around the bed head. Classic and simple to execute. Candles, plants, brick walls and a perfect little ledge ripe and ready for a glass of wine.

Image source: Navajo and the Runaway Stray

Let's play kiss, kill, marry. Kiss the fur cushion. Kill the tapestry. Marry my babe, F.L.

Image source: Urban Outfitters

This is it exactly. Pair sparkling lights with peeling walls. Creamy candles in industrial tins. Linen bedsheets on pallet beds. Juxtaposition is your jam.

Image source: Spell and the Gyspy Collective


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