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Posted on May 29 2016

Plants are without a doubt my absolute favourite decor to add to a home. I mean, they're not decor. They're living, breathing forest dwellers. We don't get to call them that. BUT we can do pretty snazzy things with them in the bedroom. Hang them in a can, a vase, a pot with a bit of rope. Pepper a windowsill with them. Fill a pegboard. Go nuts. We do. Here are some faves for inspiration.

One we styled up ourselves! Featuring our Chunga Round - Mustard!

The most romantic of them all - a tangle of green vines snaking up bare brick. Hubba hubba. 

Source: unknown 

Our own little modern jungle bungalow. Tiny snippets of plants, all with their own character breaking bread and shooting the breeze in bed.

Source: Copper and Cross

A weave, a plant, and a window. Combine all three incessantly. 

Source: unknown

Damn One T, you're not just a denim hole ripper. Candles, lights or awesome big lanterns are highlighted on a clean canvas like this.

Source: @jamieblakey

Look at these zany, awesome characters! Plants are the best!!! This photo features some of our Planter Baskets!

Miami beach house of Calvin Klein. Plenty of space to dance. Plenty of oxygen being provided.

Source: Calvin Klein

Sweet little boho nest. Anything that drapes is a friend of ours. May suffer a leaf to the face while sleeping. May not care.

Source: unknown (again. if you know please comment below. We like to give credit)

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