• Greenspiration

    Posted on October 17 2017

    Does anyone use the "save" button on instagram? That flag shaped thing?? Well I started using it not long ago, just hitting any photo I found that made my dendrophilia...

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  • Jungalow Style

    Posted on July 01 2017

    The art of Jungalow Style! It's pretty simple really - throw, hang, drape plants from every free surface and ceiling you can find! Jungalow Style = more is more!   ...

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  • About Chunga Rounds

    Posted on January 08 2017

    All of our Chunga Rounds are handwoven by the Wounaan/Embera tribespeople of the Darien Rainforest in Panama before they are adorned and turned into wall hangings by our team here...

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  • Bath Time in the Hills - Flower Bath

    Posted on October 10 2016

    There is nothing, NOTHING quite as soul salving as the rolling green Byron Bay hinterlands, the breeze on your face, rain filled space and soaking, outdoors, in a warm, flower...

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  • Bedrooms IV Blush

    Posted on October 03 2016

    Salmon, blush, peach, rose, musk, dusty pink, mulberry, strawberry. Can't get enough of the blushy peach tones!!! Here are some favourites! Featuring our range of Chunga Rounds!  

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  • Bedrooms V Lights

    Posted on June 05 2016

    "All girls love fairy lights"! my (male) friend declared with bewilderment once as he watched me casually string a few hundred metres across the bedroom and around some mirrors. Wrap...

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  • Bedrooms III Greenery

    Posted on May 29 2016

    Plants are without a doubt my absolute favourite decor to add to a home. I mean, they're not decor. They're living, breathing forest dwellers. We don't get to call them...

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  • Bedrooms II White

    Posted on May 22 2016

    A bedroom with a white palette does not have to be cold! Not at all. Let the light in and add texture with draping curtains, plants on the windowsill, little...

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  • Bedrooms I White

    Posted on May 15 2016

    A non distracting clutter-free white bedroom makes the perfect space to relax in. A white bedroom can be warm with the use of textured pieces or can provide a canvas...

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  • My week with #7Vignettes

    Posted on August 07 2015

    My week with the August edition of #7Vignettes. Hosted by Interior's Addict. Sponsored by Officeworks. My business has definitely changed my relationship with Instagram and is rapidly changing my relationship...

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  • Copper and Cross Feature

    Posted on July 19 2015

    I recently sat down and answered some questions for the kind-hearted, brilliant-eyed interior stylist Emma Flint from Raw Styling. The following is an excerpt but you can read the full...

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  • Mexico in Paradise

    Posted on July 07 2015

    First of all, I can't talk about a Mexican restaurant interior without paying homage to the ultimate. There is no Mexican decor done quite as strikingly, overpoweringly well as Motel Mexicola...

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